Britmore English Golden Retrievers


We are passionate owners and breeders of English Golden Retrievers located in Downers Grove Illinois , a suburb about 30 miles west of Chicago. We have raised and trained Golden Retrievers for the past 34 yrs and in the past 12 yrs have become interested in the European/English style of Golden. After months of researching quality lines, we imported our first European/English style bitch puppy from highly respected Trewater Golden Retrievers in the UK and have fallen in love with the beautiful construction and character of these dogs.

Our goal is to maintain the UK standard in both construction and temperment. But health is our primary concern. The Golden Retriever, both American and English, have their fair share of health issues. We go above and beyond to test any dog that will be used for breeding. We are very selective and will not breed a dog that we believe will pass on any unhealthy physical or genetic traits.
Our testing includes:
Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Cardiac, Pra-1, Pra-2, Thyroid and Ichthyosis.
Currently, this is the most up to date list of available testing.

Scott & Spencer, Trewater Ruben, at 8 mo old.
Our dogs are primarily family pets and we would never think of having them live anywhere but inside the house with us. They are our constant companions day and night and we wouldnt have it any other way!
We are proud members of a variety of Golden Retriever clubs including:
The Kennel Club(UK)
The American Kennel Club
The Golden Retriever Club of America
The Illinois Golden Retriever Club

Spencer & Baby Zara taking their morning nap.
Stoneledge Bella Luna at Britmore.....Luna

Aleah and Baby Spencer the day he came over from Trewater in the UK at 7.5 wks




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