Britmore English Golden Retrievers


Our Beginnings...

I fell in love with this beautiful breed back in the early 80's, when I was looking for a puppy for our, then small, children. We went out to a beautiful farm in the country and picked out our first Golden Retriever puppy. Her name was Honeybear....we called her Bear. She was the perfect dog and virtually trained herself. We didnt know much about it then but she had one darn nice American pedigree! Her vet called her a Golden of the old fashioned kind.
We were hooked and over the next 25 yrs filled our home with these lovely dogs. Right after the millenium came and went and our children were going off to college, I decided to research some pedigrees and ran across the European/English Golden Retriever. They were built differently than the American Golden and I just fell in love with their boxy builds and in many cases, lighter coat colors.

Carianne with our first Am.Golden Retriever Bear. Bear was already in her senior years but sensed that Carianne was ill and took great care in following her around to make sure she was "ok". Bear was a very intuitive girl.

I began to make contact with some respected breeders in the UK and started an almost 2 yr long correspondence with Jane Clark from Trewater Golden Retrievers. I had fallen in love with the look of her dogs and it was finally agreed that I would take a bitch puppy from her, soon to whelp, Trewater Harriet. I had fallen in love with Harriets beautiful strong build and square muzzle....typical in an English type Golden Retriever.

Trewater Harriet The first bitch that I fell in love with and the mama of my Ruby, Trewater Wild Ruby

On Oct 6, 2006, after a long flight from the UK, I lifted my Ruby, Trewater Wild Ruby, out of her crate and fell in love! That was the beginning of my passion and obsession with learning all that I could about the British lines in the Golden Retriever world.

I am very thankful to Jane Clark at Trewater for trusting me with lovely Ruby and for giving me my start on this journey. It has been a blessing in my life.

Baby Ruby navigating the steps for the first time at 7.5 weeks.

About this time I met Christine Bugiel (Dailuaine), who was to become my mentor, . Christine has taught me more about the European/English-type Golden than anyone. She has raised, trained and shown her Goldens in Europe for the past 25 yrs and continues to go strong! Christine has many relatives of my own dogs including Trewater Ripple who is both mother to my Spencer, Trewater Ruben and grandmother to my Zara, Dailuaine Zing a Ling.

Christine and Trewater Ripple winning Veteran Class. Ripple is mom to my Spencer and grandmom to my Zara.


I have had some wonderful conversations with breeders and enthusiasts across the pond but really had little contact with anyone here in the USA that owned these English-type Goldens.

My world changed when I found the world of social media! I have met many wonderful people right here on US soil that share my passion!

I am grateful to so many, both here in the US and abroad, for the start that they have given me and for the learning experiences that they have provided me.

Zara, Dailuaine Zing a Ling at 3 mo old.





With Gratefulness,



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