Britmore English Golden Retrievers


What is an English Golden Retriever?

I am often stopped while out with our dogs and asked "What kind of dog is that"? or is that this breed or that breed? People are often surprised when I tell them that what they are admiring is a Golden Retriever; not an "English Creme" or "White Golden" but a Golden Retriever with a european/english background.

Golden Retrievers in the UK, Europe, Canada, and in most of the world beside the United States, are bred to the UK standard. The most obvious difference is size. A european/english-type Golden is most commonly a bigger boned dog with a blockier head. The UK standard for coloring is any shade of creme or gold. Coats are often wavy or even curly. 

Golden breeders the UK, where the breed originated, are very dedicated to breeding dogs that not only fit to the UK standard in looks and temperment, but also a multi-purpose animal that can be shown in a breed ring as well as a hunting trial. The outcome is a stunning animal and the ultimate companion.


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